Packing cutter

The DEPAC cutter for packings is made of solid metal and is stable and heavy enough to stand firmly on any surface. Slipping when cutting, as is usual with many plastic cutters, is avoided thanks to the rubber feet screwed on underneath.

The setting scale is easy to use and also large enough to be able to read off numbers and markings without effort. Imperial dimensions are also possible by turning the scale around. The cutting calibrations allow for both a straight and an angled packing cut.

The packing cutter is supplied in a solid wooden case with a carrying handle. That makes transport in the workshop or on site easy and manageable, in addition to which the tool is protected against damage. The wooden case also offers sufficient space to accommodate all the necessary packing tools, i.e. knife and packing extractor, alongside the cutter.

  • Solid, with firm footing
  • Easy adjustment scale
  • Solid wooden case with space for knife and packing extractor