Universal packing for maximum service lives - Type 720

This packing, which is made of high-quality aramid fibres and provided with special lubricants, is particularly suitable for plants in which conventional packings have previously led to premature failure due to the high stresses of pressure, temperature and chemical attack.

The steel-like strength of the aramid fibres guarantees that this packing will not be pressed out even under extreme pressures. The DEPAC type 720 is ideal for the paper and pulp industry because it doesn't colour and can be used in pumps, valves, pulpers and refiners.

In shipping the type 720 is used in almost all areas of application from the bow to the stern. Low stock levels and a reduction in sources of error are achieved through standardisation.

The type 720 is a diagonally braided packing whose extraordinary sliding properties protect shafts and spindles against scoring.

  • Asbestos-free
  • Optimum processing
  • High load capacity
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Standardisation possibility