DEPAC special mechanical seal for the power station industry

The Application

Sturdy and specially sealed pumps are required in the power station industry - above all for the removal of lime slurries from exhaust gases in flue gas desulphurisation systems.

The Problem

The use of mechanical seals in pumps connected to the large boilers for the lime slurry preparation has often been a problem in the past. In order to ensure a high degree of process and operational reliability, the mechanical seals used there have to be equipped with a so-called standstill seal.

The DEPAC solution

The DEPAC special solution (mechanical seal 370-S-60) provides for a double seal design with incorporated bearings according to the standard DEPAC mechanical seal type 370. A standstill seal is installed upstream. Three O-rings provide for sealing to the sleeve when pressurisation with air. The big advantage: in case of failure the mechanical seal can be replaced without fluid escaping. Apart from the standstill seal, a further seal face provides for coarse sealing - independent of abnormal, radial movements.