DEPAC special mechanical seals for the chemical industry

Initial situation

The requirements of the chemical industry for mechanical seals are extremely challenging. Although DEPAC has a suitable product in its range to solve virtually any problem, we don't shy away from bespoke solutions for very special requirements. Here too, DEPAC products are optimised for the greatest possible operating and process safety.

The Application

The DEPAC special solution was used in a special machine, in which gas is blown into a hollow shaft to atomise the product.

The Problem

The plant operator attaches importance to the greatest possible operational reliability. A mechanical seal with a triple seal pair was requested.

The DEPAC solution

The special solution from DEPAC (mechanical seal 322-S-20) provided for one seal pair (1) for sealing off the barrier fluid from the atmosphere. The second sealing pair (2) sealed off the barrier fluid to the gas and the third (3) separated the gas from the medium. However, high pressure was required for the atomisation effect. The gas can be fed to the process via a bore in the sleeve and a clearance milling in the shaft.