The cost-effective alternative - Type 724

Experience has shown that asbestos materials cause considerable scoring on pump shafts or sleeves due to high friction values. This scoring results amongst other things in increases in leakage rates, corrosion and contamination. In turn, these result in increased maintenance effort, longer downtimes and shortened service lives of the materials.

The type 724 is a genuine cost-effective alternative that unites all the advantages of an asbestos packing, but without its weak points.

The type 724 is a universally usable packing that is used in wide areas of industry. With its pH range of 1 to 13 it is largely resistant to chemicals and can be used without reservation at temperatures up to 280 degrees Celsius.

  • Asbestos-free
  • 100 percent aramid fibres
  • Lubricating capability
  • Diagonal braiding