Mechanical seals

Mechanical seal Type 201

The type 201 is a stationary, balanced mechanical seal. The mechanical seal is designed for demanding ranges of applications, including hot water and chemical applications. The type 201 seals reliably at temperatures of up to 240 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 20 bar. DEPAC recommends spot-drilling the shafts or sleeves for set screw fastening at pressure loads exceeding 10 bar.

  • Stationary mechanical seal design principle
  • No scoring of pump shafts/sleeves
  • Balanced
  • No stepped sleeve required for the balancing
  • Shock and vibration-dampend stationary face support
  • Independent of the direction of rotation
Technical details
Range of application  
Pressure 20 bar
Temp. depending on Elastomer
Speed 30 m/s
Dshaft 18 - 100 mm
Metals DIN 1.4571/Hast. C
Faces CA, SC, SSIC, TC
O-Rings FKM, EPDM, PTFE, FEP Umm., Chemraz, Kalrez, Aflas, etc.
Rolled bellows Hast. C, Incolloy

Other sizes, materials or design variations upon request.