Mechanical seal type 191

The type 191 is a stationary, balanced mechanical seal for use as an alternative to packings. The stationary design makes a longer service life possible on account of the lower face friction. A mechanical seal with which critical areas of application - for example, hot water or media containing abrasive solids - can be sealed easily and inexpensively.

    Type 191

    • Mechanical seal for every open stuffing boxes
    • No special gland required
    • Mechanical seal for use as an alternative to packings
    • Stationary mechanical seal design principle
    • No scoring of pump shafts/sleeves
    • Balanced
    • No stepped sleeve required for the balancing
    • Shock and vibration-dampend stationary face support
    • Springs outside the medium
    • Independent of the direction of rotation
    Technical details
    Range of application  
    Pressure 700 mm Hg - 30 bar
    Temp. depending on Elastomer
    Speed 30 m/s
    Dshaft 18 - 100 mm
      1" - 4"
    Metals DIN 1.4571/Hast. C
    Springs Hast. C
    Faces CA, SC, SSIC, TC
    O-Rings FKM, EPDM, PTFE, FEP Umm., Chemraz, Kalrez, Aflas, etc.

    Other sizes, materials or design variations upon request.