Mechanical seals Type 186

The DEPAC component seal type 186 is a dynamic single seal that has been specially developed as a high-quality replacement for conventional mechanical seals with dynamic O-ring to the shaft. The mechanical seal fits in installation spaces according to DIN 24960 / EN 12756 and can be combined with popular stationary parts. The mechanical seal is characterised by its universal range of uses and is suitable for many applications.

  • Balanced
  • Independent of the direction of rotation
  • Multiple springs made of Hastelloy C
  • No scoring of the shaft
  • Springs outside the medium - no blockage of the springs
  • Combinable with various stationary parts
Technical details
Range of application*  
Pressure 700 mm Hg up to 30 bar
Temp. Elastomer dependent
Sliding velocity up to 30 m/s
Shaft movements axial ≤ Ø 35 +/- 0,5 mm | ≥ Ø 38 +/- 1,0 mm
  radial ≤ Ø 35 +/- 0,5 mm | ≥ Ø 38 +/- 0,5 mm
Dshaft 16 - 160 mm
  5/8“ – 6 ¼“
  Special sizes available on request
Metals DIN 1.4571
Springs Hast. C
Faces CA, SC, SSIC, TC
O-Rings FKM, EPDM, FEP Umm., Chemraz, Kalrez, Aflas, etc.

Other sizes, materials or design variations upon request.
* Maximum temperature / pressure / speed indicates operating extremes independently and does not imply the seal will function at these extremes at the same time. Contact DEPAC if in doubt.