Mechanical seals for pumps and compressors

Mechanical seals in pumps and compressors are confronted by different boundary conditions. The individual adaptation of the mechanical seal to the range of applications of the plant is essential for a long service life.

Component mechanical seals

A mechanical seal can have different designs. In the case of a dynamic design the spring elements are located in the dynamic and thus rotating part of the mechanical seal system and generate axial tumbling movements. This causes wear in the shaft sleeve or seal components. This is not the case with the stationary design. In this case the spring elements are located in the stationary part of the mechanical seal system - and do not cause any axial tumbling movements.

Stationary mechanical seal designs are more reliable than dynamic designs.

Cartridge mechanical seals

Cartridge mechanical seals impress through their simple installation and removal. Difficulties or errors when replacing the mechanical seal are consigned to the past. The design makes it possible to replace the wearing parts with inexpensive spare part kits, thus reducing maintenance costs.

DEPAC has a large number of cartridge mechanical seals in its product range - based on the basic versions O-ring, rolled bellows and metal bellows.