Mechanical seals

Agitator cartridges types 370 to 373

DEPAC has four optimised mechanical seals for the challenging boundary conditions of an agitator. The advantage: the flange and face parts as well as certain seal housing parts are exchangeable. The operator's stock can thus be kept to a low level and a wide range of replacement parts is available.

Type 370

  • Double mechanical seal with bearing
  • DIN 28141 flange
  • DIN 28154 shaft form A - B - C or according to all other standard specifications or customer requirements

Type 371

  • Single mechanical seal with bearing

Type 372

  • Double mechanical seal

Type 373

  • Single mechanical seal
  • DIN dimensions, alternatives are possible
  • Shock and vibration-dampend faces
  • Double balanced
  • Full pressure reversability
  • Self-closing in case of pressure reversal
  • Mirror-image face design
  • Independent of the direction of rotation