Mechanical seals

Mechanical seals for agitators and mixers

Conventional mechanical seals cannot be used with large pumps, agitators, mixers and other units with shafts of an above-average size. The shafts of these units have a tendency to move in a strongly eccentric manner - with axial, radial and pendulating movements.

Conventional mechanical seal systems would not be able to withstand these extreme influences. This circumstance is often avoided with additional bearings in the seal chambers. This is an expensive and not particularly sustainable solution - these designs fail as soon as the bearings are damaged by overloading.

The solutions from DEPAC, conversely, are optimised for ideal, long-lasting operation.

Mechanical seals for DIN standard with modular system

Stationary floating designs

DEPAC has developed a mechanical seal system for extreme conditions in the so-called "floating design". The big advantage: extreme movements are already absorbed in the seal - without impairing the pressure ratio of the faces. This mechanical seal operates reliably and independently of shaft movements.

"Floating designs" are ideal solutions for

  • large pumps
  • agitators
  • mixers
  • autoclaves
  • filters
  • calenders
  • fermenters
  • units with large shafts

Mechanical seals for DIN standard with modular system

The DEPAC mechanical seal system for ranges of applications in which DIN shafts and flange dimensions are foreseen impresses through its simplicity, because the flange and face parts as well as various seal housing parts are exchangeable. A modular system that allows low stock levels, but at the same time a large selection of spare parts.

The modular system for ranges of applications with DIN shaft and flange dimensions also impresses with the advantages of a stationary mechanical seal design: free from leakages, service life optimisation and cost-effectiveness.