Mechanical seals

DEPAC special mechanical seal for the oil industry

The Application

The oil industry's high requirements for mechanical seals have made a major contribution to innovations in mechanical seal technology. The topic of operational reliability is highly important in the oil industry.

The Problem

The specific DEPAC application case foresaw the use of the existing shaft and sleeve construction to fasten the impeller. Therefore it couldn't be adapted. Not only that, the cramped spatial conditions caused problems with the use of a mechanical seal gland.

The DEPAC solution

The DEPAC special solution (mechanical seal 306-S-135) was implemented in the form of a stationary cartridge, which foresaw a gland packing as a "safety seal" in addition to the conventional mechanical seal. The customer wanted to avoid an uncontrollable standstill of the plant - and therefore to be able to fall back on an adjustable seal in case of failure of the mechanical seal.