DEPAC with new owner

Under new ownership, DEPAC is best prepared to meet major challenges in the sealing industry of the future. With effect from 1 October 2021, the Swedish company DENSIQ AB, industry leader in sealing technology in scandinavia, has acquired DEPAC. Founded in 1918 in Västra Frölunda (Sweden), the company has grown from a local supplier to one of the leading providers of industrial sealing solutions in scandinavia.

DEPAC sees exciting development opportunities through the acquisition: “The acquisition by DENSIQ will further strengthen our global growth strategy and open up exciting new opportunities to solve our customers' complex and critical sealing needs”, said Markus Zaversnik, CEO of DEPAC.

Nothing will change for DEPAC's customers. DEPAC will remain an independently operating company. DEPAC's headquarters and production will remain in Eschen, Liechtenstein, and also the production site will remain in Schlins, Austria.

DEPAC with new CEO

Markus Zaversnik has been acting as the new CEO of DEPAC Anstalt since 1 October 2021. The current CEO, Peter Scrivener, will remain actively involved in the company as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and part of the board of directors. 

With the new organisation, DEPAC ensures that it will continue to operate as one of the leading seal manufacturers on the market. With the main focus on future technical innovations and intensive sales and marketing activities, this position will be consolidated and expanded.